FAQ on the VESC

Q)How to I comply with the VESC?

AMECA is the only organization with the original signed agreements regarding the VESC. AMECA has the original VESC files, AMECA has the original VESC database.

Q) What is the status of the VESC

A) the VESC as the organization was inactivated due to funding cuts from state jurisdictions.  In the original VESC bylaws the ONLY funding source was to be state governments.

Q) Who has all the VESC Files, Agreements and information?

A) AMECA.    When AAMVA discontinued the Equipment Compliance Program all files were transferred to the Automotive Manufacturers Equipment Compliance Agency, Inc. (AMECA).  AMECA then obtained signed agreements to also provide the same services to the states.

Originally the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators (AAMVA) was the administrator of the VESC registration program under AAMVA’s Equipment Compliance Program.

Q) How quickly could it be reactivated?

A) All necessary personnel have met at numerous AAMVA and other industry meetings.  Reactivation has been stalled due to a combination of funding, bureaucratic and historical inertia.

Q) How difficult would it be to reactivate?

A)  The only thing which would be needed to reactivate the VESC would be a letter from state governors authorizing the reactivation.