Vehicle Equipment Safety Commission

Vehicle Equipment Safety Commission (VESC)

The Vehicle Equipment Safety Commission is the Mechanism for State Involvement in the Development of Motor Vehicle Safety Standards and compliance with the safety commissions requirements.
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Testing Laboratories

Included are laboratories for testing Friction Material, Linkage, and Trailer Hitch Testing.
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Safety Commission Standards

All the available and historic VESC standards are here.
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Vehicle Equipment Safety Commission

Vehicle Equipment Safety Commission (VESC) was created by congress to assist states in creating rules, regulations or codes, embodying performance requirements or restrictions "for items of motor vehicle equipment."

While the VESC has not met since 1983, due to long-term funding problems it is the hope that this website will eventually be used to assist manufacturers in meeting still relevant VESC regulations and in states to reenact the VESC.

Currently ALL information regarding the VESC is held by AMECA.

AMECA has the ALL original agreements regarding VESC Registration.

AMECA has the VESC Database.

AMECA has been responsible for the VESC files for over 20 years.

Any inquires regarding VESC Certification should be directed to